Gezellig Games Night

Meet new people, learn more about the city, and just have a bit of fun during our Gezellig Games Night!

Our monthly Gezellig Games Night features a mix of entertaining activities hosted by members of the City Central team:

City Central’s Groningen quiz

From art to history, from sports to culture, from food to music – this Kahoot! quiz is a super fun (and challenging) way to test out your local knowledge and learn more about the city.

This event is open to everyone: we invite new and long-term city residents alike to get your ticket and vie for a podium position!


Test out your artistic skills in Skribbl.io (like online Pictionary) Skribbl.io is an online drawing guessing game: someone from the group will make a drawing based on an assigned word, and you have to guess what the word is based on the drawing. The worse your drawing/guessing skills, the more hilarious the results.


Jackbox is a compilation of truly random party games, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone: Quiplash, The Devils and the Details, Champ'd Up, Talking Points and Blather Round - take your pick!

Please note: due to Coronavirus restrictions, our Gezellig Games Night is being held online for the foreseeable future.