Expo Local Talent Sanne Boekel

These little action figures don't immediately catch the eye when you enter our cosy little shop at the Akerkhof. Nevertheless, if they could come to live after shop hours, they would probably scream bloody murder! Meet Sanne Boekel's funny 'Moral Crusadors' (Moraalridders), the tragicomical embodiment of the modern activist.

Graduated last year from Minerva Art Academy, upcoming artist Sanne is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and screen printer. Her witty illustrations, comics and zines paint a light-hearted picture of everyday life and address social issues in a playful way. With her series of moral crusadors - her graduation project - she won the Minerva Design Award 2018 and the installation was exhibited during YA! Present an at the Dutch Design Week.


What's the series about? Sanne's moral knights explore the paradox in activism in the public space. "My knights question modern-day activism highlighting the way it often gets insufficient. Taking a stand or making a point became the norm and somehow we got stuck in a culture of yelling. Often it is all about the way we say things and people actually lose sight of the real themes and content. At the end, if everybody's yelling, who's listening?"

Sanne Boekel. Photo: Dagblad van het Noorden


But it's not only a pop-up expo, it goes further than that. Sanne invites people to give their own input and invent their own 'moral crusador'. "I want to see what's going on in the public debate today. It's interesting to observe that topics change very quickly. A few months ago, climate action was all over the news. Now it's mostly the issues concerning gas extraction in the region."

"Some people do have strong opinions with which I personally disagree and that's sometimes confronting. But I try not to impose any restrictions. As an artist, I have to put my opinion on the side."

What would your knight shout? Get your own action figure at our shop or give one to a passionate activist in your life! Sanne customizes the knights with your personal input. Available on request until September.


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